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The biggest Fantasy Football game in the world.

Fantasy Premier League

11 Million Players

Connecting and engaging with millions of fans across the world.

9 Million Daily Users

Creating highly active and loyal fans who are committed for the entire season.

1.4 Billion Page Views

Delivering immersive game experiences that attracts fans to come back for more.

Our partnership with the Premier League extends over 20 years since the Fantasy League’s official launch during the 2002-03 season. Since then, the game has become the world’s biggest fantasy football league. The Premier League’s fan engagement has soared through this game, resulting in an ecosystem of highly engaged and loyal fans. The most recent season witnessed record numbers with 11 million players, 1.2 million sign-ups in one day, and over 150 countries participating.

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Fantasy Premier League puts fans in the role of a manager of Premier League players. Armed with a budget of GBP 100 million, fans pick their dream 15-man squad. This highly interactive and immersive game drives global fan engagement through strategic gameplay and tactical decisions that earn players points to assist them in climbing to the top of their own league and up the ranks of the global Fantasy League’s manager table. To find out more, visit the game’s official site or watch the overview below:

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